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The collection of GEOMA Kids jewelry is made in the form of pendants shaped like girls and boys, in various types of jewelry: bracelets, neck pendants, earrings. The bracelet with children’s pendants is a flagship model of the collection that will blow you away. A bracelet with figures of girls and boys will always remind you of the most precious thing in a mother’s life. Each piece of the collection is filled with a special meaning, it embraces love, care and tenderness that we feel for the closest relatives. The bracelets for mothers are available in white or yellow 14K gold. Each bracelet with children’s pendants can be decorated with precious stones of various shades: white or black diamonds, pink or pale pink sapphires, bright pink rubies, blue or blue sapphires, yellow or orange sapphires, green squares.

Each GEOMA jewelry Kids bracelet is individual and unique. You can choose a blue or green suit for boys, and a pink or yellow dress for girls. Or, on the other hand, the pendants can completely be covered with white or black diamonds, for the sake of laconicism and severity. The engraving of your baby’s name and the date of birth will make your gold bracelet unique. We will help you choose the suitable configuration of the bracelet.

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