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Браслет Zodiac "Водолей"


Original, insightful and in many ways even the ingenious girls of the constellation of Aquarius deserve an unusual stone. Bright and attractive amethyst is created to fill this world with beauty, as is the life of its owner. The friendly and inventive girls born under the sign of Aquarius sometimes find it difficult to control emotions and cope with negative thoughts. The amethyst will take care of this, giving people who are born under this constellation a feeling of appeasement, and also adding spiritual strength.


White gold 585

Amethysts “pear” 5×7 mm, ~ 1,20 carats

White round cut diamonds – 57 faces.

Weight of diamonds in the pendant – 0,20-0,22 carats

The size of the pendant: 1.8 cm.

On the reverse side of the pendants, we offer the application of individual engraving.


The cost in this configuration is 70,000 rubles.


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