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Браслет Zodiac "ОВЕН"


The energetic and resolute people of Aries, who always achieve their goal, will be decorated with the rock crystal, the stone of amazing purity and transparency. The ancient Greeks believed that crystal is nothing else than a piece of ice that was formed from the purest divine water. Purity and transparency are qualities inherent in those born under the sign of Aries, who are straightforward, who do not tolerate any falsehood.


White gold 585

Rock crystal “pear” 5×7 mm, ~ 1.30 carats

White round cut diamonds – 57 faces.

Weight of diamonds in the pendant – 0,20-0,22 carats

The size of the pendant: 1.8 cm.

On the reverse side of the pendants, we offer the application of individual engraving.


The cost in this configuration is 70,000 rubles.


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