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Браслет Zodiac "Лев"


Green chrysolite is a good luck charm for the girls born under the sign of Leo . The stone is able to protect its owner from obstacles on the way to numerous goals, relieve him of the envy of others, and strengthen friendly ties. Women born under the sign of Leo are successful in almost all life spheres, so they need a talisman that will strengthen their natural sensitivity and help to distinguish truth from lies, and real friends from casual acquaintances.

White gold 585

Chrysolite “pear” 5×7 mm, ~ 1.40 carats

White round cut diamonds – 57 faces.

Weight of diamonds in the pendant – 0,20-0,22 carats

The size of the pendant: 1.8 cm.

On the reverse side of the pendants we offer the application of individual engraving.


The cost in this configuration is 70,000 rubles.


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