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Браслет Zodiac "Рыбы"


Sea-wave-coloured stone Aquamarine is perfect for people of the same water element, born under the sign of Pisces. The girls of this constellation appreciate beauty, they are able to enjoy life and often have a brilliant sense of humour. However, sometimes they are led by intuition. Aquamarine is designed to prevent mistakes of the inner voice. In addition, the gem chases away laziness and protects women’s happiness.


White gold 585

Aquamarine “pear” 5×7 mm, ~ 1.10 carat

White round cut diamonds – 57 faces.

Weight of diamonds in the pendant – 0,20-0,22 carats

The size of the pendant: 1.8 cm.

On the reverse side of the pendants, we offer the application of individual engraving.


The cost in this configuration is 70,000 rubles.


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