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Браслет ZODIAC "Телец"


Connoisseurs of nature and art, born under the sign of Taurus will surely love their special stone – a green tourmaline. The crystal can have an incredible colour, but it is the minerals of green that are considered a noble tourmaline. Only truly elegant, original and unique things can please people of this sign. In addition, women born under the constellation of Taurus are usually very creative people. Tourmaline helps to develop creative abilities, gives inspiration and even attracts people who are able to give you this inspiration.


White gold 585

Green tourmaline “pear” 5×7 mm, ~ 1.25 carats

White round cut diamonds – 57 faces.

Weight of diamonds in the pendant – 0,20-0,22 carats

The size of the pendant: 1.8 cm.

On the reverse side of the pendants, we offer the application of individual engraving.

The cost in this configuration is 87,000 rubles.


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