Geoma Jewelry
Столешников переулок, 11 Москва,
+7 495 118-47-58


Create your own jewellery masterpiece, live out your fantasy, putting your heart into its every detail. Not only is it an exciting and creative process, but a service that is available to you.

The variety of colours will allow everyone to feel like a jeweller or designer. Everyone knows that the more soul we put into the gift, the more significant and important it becomes. Each piece is made individually, so that everyone can create a masterpiece that will reflect love and care.

All GEOMA jewellery is made of precious stones, yellow or white gold. The range of precious stones will satisfy even the most demanding customer: white and black diamonds, blue, pink, orange and yellow sapphires, tsavorite green, hot pink rubies. The ability to choose the colour of stones and gold lets you make your jewellery absolutely unique.

The pendants made of white and black diamonds are considered to be a symbol of purity, perfection, power and authority. A diamond is able to drive away fears and protect its owner from negative influences.
The pendants with sapphires convey peace of mind and generosity. These stones symbolize love and care guarding against fraud and bad sight. It is a symbol of comfort and warmth. Tsavorite has a steady stream of energy, acting as a symbol of hope and prosperity.
Jewellery with rubies represents love and harmony.

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