Geoma Jewelry
Столешников переулок, 11 Москва,
+7 495 118-47-58

You know, this is my most favourite piece of jewelry, I simply cannot take it off! This is not just a simple decoration, but a symbol of birth! The birth of my little ones.
My husband knew that such a bracelet would be dear to my heart, reminding me of my little ones, even when they get bigger. I am grateful to GEOMA Jewelry for their wonderful idea that enthralled innumerable hearts! For the last two years I have not removed the bracelet, I have been doing everything in it and there is not even a scratch — it’s still sparkling!
I have a lot of time-spoiled jewelry.
But such things as GEOMA are dear to the heart not because of their price, but of the history they store.
My two little babies will always be with me!

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