Geoma Jewelry
Столешников переулок, 11 Москва,
+7 495 118-47-58


Each product is handmade, so the cost of jewelery is calculated individually depending on the configuration.

Production time is three weeks from the day the deposit is received, the deposit is 50 per cent of the items cost.

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash.


Payment is accepted by bank transfer at our legal expense. You can make a wire transfer using our bank details in any branch bank, as well as through the bank’s online service through your account. (Sberbank wire transfer can be made through the link «Organization transfer» in the browser of your electronic devices. For bank transfers made through other banks, ask for details of how to that banks process for transfers works in branch).

Pick up an order in our office at Stoleshnikov Pereulok 11, Moscow.

Delivery inside the Russian Federation is made by SPSR Express. Shipping cost is 1500 rubles.

We only do silver cufflinks. The rest of our jewellery is not manufactured in silver as it is a very soft metal. It may deform and there is a strong likelihood that the stones will fall out of it.

We usually use only precious stones. Phianites and other artificial stones we do not used by our company.

Send us your suggestions in the feedback form and we will contact you for details.

It depends on what it is 🙂 contact us and we will consider your suggestions!

In the future, you can always order more pendants to your finished bracelet. You will need to give your bracelet back to our production office for a day, and we will attach an additional pendant. =)

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